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Movie Monday: ‘Thank You for Playing’ (2016)

As we continue to make advances in having open conversations about  end of life choices and grief, 2016 ushers in a  documentary movie, with a new and quite unusual way to deal with and share terminal illness. Watch trailer below:   See review on Rotten Tomatoes Read NY Times Review:     .... READ STORY

Plaza Recognizes ‘National Social Work Month’, Offers Program for Social Workers

With March being ‘National Social Work Month’, we wanted to acknowledge and give a big thanks to all the amazing social workers, especially those hospice and palliative care social workers, who serve the community everyday with end of life care support to patients and families.   Plaza is also proud to support social workers, throughout […].... READ STORY

Words for Wednesday: ‘The Legacy Letters’ and starting a conversation about death.

  In a recent Blog that award winning author Dr. Karen Wyatt wrote in the Huffington Post, titled: ‘How to Have Everyday Conversations about Death and Dying’, she lists 7 things that can help us have an everyday conversation about death with almost anyone.   One of her 7 suggestions was to ‘Share interesting books […].... READ STORY

On George Harrison’s birthday, we remember his love for his music until the very end.

As we remember the ‘Quiet Beatle’ on his 73 birthday today, February 25th, George Harrison, like three other legendary rock artists, staged a  final farewell on their final album.   Another of those artists is David Bowie, who was featured in one of our recent blogs, where we quoted  his long time friend and business […].... READ STORY

Movie Monday – Will ‘Son of Saul’ be the third foreign language film on death and dying to win the Oscar since 2008?

As this year’s Oscars draw near, and on this movie Monday, we feature three Foreign Language films on death and dying. Two have already won an Oscar, and the third has been nominated.  The first is the 2008 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film, ‘Departures’, followed four years later by the 2012 Best Foreign […].... READ STORY

Inside Plaza and the Artwork of Tobi Kahn

In this, the first in a series of ‘Inside Plaza’ posts, we look inside the walls of our 1st floor chapel and inside the man whose art graces those walls with Jewish ceremonial art. This chapel, the smaller of our two chapels, mixes state of the art technology (from its sound system, to its webcasting […].... READ STORY

‘Eternal Valentine’

While in the strictest sense Tu B’Av is Judaism’s version of the holiday to express love, Feb. 14 is also a day that many of us celebrate love. It is also a day that many grieve the death of their Valentine.   One way to turn this day around, says is to use it […].... READ STORY

Performances until the end

‘Performances until the end’ is a sort of part two to our recent blog post titled ‘Making a difference until the end‘ Much more can be written about those like Carolina Panthers’ special teams coach Bruce DeHaven and Mount St. Joseph University basketball star Lauren Hill, portrayed in part one. Some of us have friends and […].... READ STORY

Movie Monday and Death from Heart Disease.

For this week’s Movie Monday we focus on February’s ‘American Heart Month’. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in this country. Three movies that explore death and survival from heart disease, include a documentary called ‘The Widowmaker’, a motion picture titled ‘Beaches’, and a public service announcement about heart disease […].... READ STORY

Making a difference until the end….

As Super Bowl 50 approaches, one of the stories that has received national attention is that of Carolina Panthers’ special teams coach Bruce DeHaven. Bruce, who has an incurable form of prostate cancer, but also an incurable zest for continuing to do what he loves, told CBS news, nobody gets out of this thing alive, […].... READ STORY

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