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World Malaria Day and Reflections on a 2009 Trip to Kenya

On this World Malaria day, April 25th, 2016, we are reminded that the struggle still continues to eliminate Malaria. The numbers are staggering. Every 60 seconds, a child dies of malaria and over 200 million people are infected each year. The good news is progress is being made thanks to organizations like Nothing but Nets, […].... READ STORY

Why is this Earth day different from other Earth days?

To use the cliche ‘The stars are aligned’ – today is one of those days. With tonight being Shabbat, the first night of Passover, and Earth Day , what can we do to celebrate and recognize each, and what else can we make of these events falling together? There’s also the signing of the landmark UN […].... READ STORY

‘Words for Wednesday’…. Less words at the Seder?

On this ‘Words for Wednesday’, with Passover coming fast, we take a look at a couple of abbreviated versions of The Haggadah, for those that might like to keep it short.   We first draw your attention to the book: ‘The ‘30-Minute Seder’ which Amazon called: “…a refreshingly brief, rabbinically approved Seder… that maintains the […].... READ STORY

Movie Monday and Organ Donation Awareness Month

21 Grams (2003) On this Movie Monday we recognize ‘Organ Donation Awareness Month’, celebrated during the month of April. The movie featured is ’21 Grams’. One critic commented: “Absorbs you and dissects its tale of life, death, and re-birth with inventive force.” See Rotten Tomatoes Review Learn more about ‘Organ Donation Awareness Month‘  .... READ STORY

Movie Monday: E.R.: “The Letter” and “On the Beach” (Season 8, Eps. 20 and 21)

These two episodes of ER show Dr. Green’s dying from brain cancer that is inoperable. He stops his chemo to leave the hospital to head to Hawaii with a bucket list and his reluctant teenage daughter. He finds many ways to get closure, and seems to have faced death on his terms. See trailer episode […].... READ STORY

Movie Monday: Rabbit hole (2011)

Rotten Tomatoes Review .... READ STORY

Movie Monday: ‘Thank You for Playing’ (2016)

As we continue to make advances in having open conversations about  end of life choices and grief, 2016 ushers in a  documentary movie, with a new and quite unusual way to deal with and share terminal illness. Watch trailer below:   See review on Rotten Tomatoes Read NY Times Review:     .... READ STORY

Plaza Recognizes ‘National Social Work Month’, Offers Program for Social Workers

With March being ‘National Social Work Month’, we wanted to acknowledge and give a big thanks to all the amazing social workers, especially those hospice and palliative care social workers, who serve the community everyday with end of life care support to patients and families.   Plaza is also proud to support social workers, throughout […].... READ STORY

Words for Wednesday: ‘The Legacy Letters’ and starting a conversation about death.

  In a recent Blog that award winning author Dr. Karen Wyatt wrote in the Huffington Post, titled: ‘How to Have Everyday Conversations about Death and Dying’, she lists 7 things that can help us have an everyday conversation about death with almost anyone.   One of her 7 suggestions was to ‘Share interesting books […].... READ STORY

On George Harrison’s birthday, we remember his love for his music until the very end.

As we remember the ‘Quiet Beatle’ on his 73 birthday today, February 25th, George Harrison, like three other legendary rock artists, staged a  final farewell on their final album.   Another of those artists is David Bowie, who was featured in one of our recent blogs, where we quoted  his long time friend and business […].... READ STORY


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