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Plaza Jewish Community Chapel Announces Second Grant Award 2015

Read about Plaza’s second Grant. Click here.... READ STORY

Plaza Jewish Community Chapel Announces Grant Award

Read about Plaza’s first grant of 2015 Click here.... READ STORY

Hospices, Funeral Directors Collaborate

Funeral homes have begun collaborating with hospice facilities to support grieving families. About 75 percent of people surveyed believe that a funeral is important for dealing with the grieving process. * ( Studies have shown the staffs of both work well together because ultimately, they are achieving the same goal – to help families cope […].... READ STORY

Novel Palliative Care Initiative for Chronically Ill Patients

(Republished from May 28th Edition of The Jewish Voice, Page 9). Mt Sinai School of Medicine and Plaza Jewish Community Chapel Join in Breakthrough Venture   Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Brookdale Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine announced a partnership with Plaza Jewish Community Chapel, Inc, to provide palliative care counseling to two groups of patients […].... READ STORY



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