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For Women’s History Month and Movie Monday, We Present Three Movies Directed by Isabel Coixet


As we celebrate ‘Women’s History Month’ on this Movie Monday, we turn the lens towards internationally acclaimed director Isabel Coixet, who directed three movies: ‘My life without me’. The secret life of words’, and ‘Elegy’, which referred to as “a trilogy on death and dying”.

Isabel Coixet’s first gained notoriety when ‘My life without me’ came out in 2003. Sarah Polley stars as Ann, who as a young mother decides not to let her family know she has terminal cancer. The film received acclaim at the Berlin International Film Festival. was quoted as saying: “Female Canadian director Isabel Coixet’s indie film… will make you think about how you would want to be remembered.”

In ‘The secret life of words’, once again Sarah Polly stars, this time as a women who among other things shares the experience of the slow and agonizing death of her best friend.

The third film, Elegy, which calls Isabel Coixet’s “capper of a trilogy on death and dying” is an adaptation of Philip Roth’s novel, ‘The Dying Animal’ Time magazine said: “Death in the movies usually presents itself as the end of a bullet’s path. Or, alternatively, in an inspiring deathbed scene….. It’s important to see the threat of death as predictably unpredictable, another fine mess we heedlessly fall into. And that Elegy does very powerfully”.

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