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Learning to be more accepting of death

Will my dog outlive me, as I now turn 57 and my dog turns 2? Since a washing machines life span is around 14 years, “will this be the last Washing Machine, I’ll ever buy”?  So questions the 54 year old author of the blog post titled: Death Terrifies Me: Too Many Questions, and Not Enough Answers.  As we enter ‘middle age’ and begin to do the math on these sort of questions, the answers become uncertain, and perhaps uncomfortable.
The author, like many among us, would like to turn our fear of death into something more accepting and comfortable – something not terrifying.
In seeking to think about death as less scary, the author tells us he will read books on the subject including Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s book, On Death and Dying.
Here are some other books about death that the author and others, may find worth reading:
Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters
by Atul Gawande
Tuesdays with Morrie
by Mitch Albom
How We Die: Reflections of Life’s Final Chapter
by Sherwin B. Nuland
What Happens After I Die? Jewish Views of Life after Death 
by Rifat Sonsino
Even quotes can cause reflection like the one the author quoted by Issac Asimov: “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”
The blog post referenced within is a part of Huffington Posts collection of articles called: Common Grief, which is part of it’s Healthy Living editorial initiative.
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