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On George Harrison’s birthday, we remember his love for his music until the very end.

As we remember the ‘Quiet Beatle’ on his 73 birthday today, February 25th, George Harrison, like three other legendary rock artists, staged a  final farewell on their final album.
Another of those artists is David Bowie, who was featured in one of our recent blogs, where we quoted  his long time friend and business associate Tony Visconti as saying: “His death was not different from his life — a work of art” A Washington Post article added: “In that spirit, Bowie reminded me of George Harrison, who soldiered away at his (also excellent) final album, ‘Brainwashed,’ while privately battling disease.”
George Harrison continued to play, record and listen to music until the end of his life.
Click here to read the article on the four artists who’s final album was a final farewell.

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