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“Pre-death” dreams and their significance on end of life treatment and care.

Dr. Kerr, an internist with a PHD in neurobiology, and his team at ‘Hospice Buffalo’, are conducting a study to better understand how end of life dreams can contribute to “a good death”.
“Pre-Death dreams” are an ‘end of life experience’ and should not be confused with ‘near-death experiences,’ such as when someone’s heart stops and they are revived. In this case the person is on a path towards death, not a near miss experience.
At ‘Hospice Buffalo’, after asking patients, “How have you been sleeping?” Doctors, nurses, chaplains, and social workers often follow up with, “Can you recall any dreams?”.
Early findings show that for many, these dreams offer comfort not only for the dying, but for their families.
There is also an opportunity to help ease the suffering of hospice patients experiencing bad dreams, by lowering their anxiety, although in the New York Times article referenced herein: ‘A new Vision for the Dreams of the Dying’; there are those who advocate another approach.
To learn more about “Pre-Death Dreams”, click here to read article. Click here to watch video for further insight.

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