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World Malaria Day and Reflections on a 2009 Trip to Kenya


On this World Malaria day, April 25th, 2016, we are reminded that the struggle still continues to eliminate Malaria. The numbers are staggering. Every 60 seconds, a child dies of malaria and over 200 million people are infected each year. The good news is progress is being made thanks to organizations like Nothing but Nets, their partnering organizations, and the many people who’ve been involved in their life-saving campaigns.

One of these campaigns was in 2009 when Plaza CAO Stephanie Garry traveled to Africa with Rabbi Marla Feldman and Nancy Solomon as part of a mission from the Religious Action Center in Washington DC. With them was Adrianna Logalbo, Nothing but Nets coordinator for the United Nations Foundation. The Religious Action Center and UN Foundation partnered with the Nothing but Nets campaign to create awareness and deliver 25,000 anti-malaria nets to the world’s largest refugee camp Dadaab in Kenya.

In a blog Stephanie wrote in 2014, reflecting back on her trip in 2009, she said: ” It is no wonder that Nothing but Nets is in this partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism.  After all, our sages say to save a life is to truly save the world, and we are doing this holy work together”.

Rabbi Marla Feldman also shared her experience in Kenya, shortly after the trip in a blog she wrote, where she said: “…we saw children with absolutely nothing to call their own – no toys, no balls, no books, no games – find joy in the simple possession of a bed net”.

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