End-of-Life Resources

Hear from community leaders on how to navigate end-of-life conversations with friends and family.

Talking to Children about Death

Rabbi Sara Luria explains her 4 brief suggestions about how to talk to children about death. The afterlife is one of life’s biggest mysteries and without guidance from an understanding adult, death can be a terrifying concept for a child. Rabbi Sara Luria touches on the importance of being clear, concise and honest with your child, along with many other pieces of advice, to provide them with a solid understanding of death.

End-of-Life Conversations with Parents

Dr. Michelle Friedman, psychiatrist and Director of Pastoral Counseling at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, speaks about the importance of end-of-life care conversations between adult children and their parents. She encourages parents to take those steps and have an open discussion with their adult kids about after-death circumstances and wishes.

What Happens After You Die?

Rabbi Amy Bolton, Hospice Chaplain, speaks about the importance of exploring the question “What happens after you die?” and how it can enrich our lives in the here and now. Rabbi Amy Bolton believes that having this conversation can assuage some of our fear and anxiety about dying and offer us hope.

Support During Mental Unwellness

Rabbi David Seth Kirshner, Rabbi of Temple Emanu-El in Closter, New Jersey, speaks personally about the importance of addressing mental health issues and the stigma of suicide. He explains that mental unwellness is just as lethal and challenging as any other infliction a human can get, and it is our responsibility to be as kind and compassionate as possible for those suffering through those moments.


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