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Words for Wednesday: ‘The Legacy Letters’ and starting a conversation about death.


In a recent Blog that award winning author Dr. Karen Wyatt wrote in the Huffington Post, titled: ‘How to Have Everyday Conversations about Death and Dying’, she lists 7 things that can help us have an everyday conversation about death with almost anyone.

One of her 7 suggestions was to ‘Share interesting books or media that deal with death’. So, on this weeks ‘Words for Wednesday’, we’ll take her advice and share an interesting book, in the hopes that it will  help people  with starting a conversation about death.

My first inclination was to share Dr. Karen Wyatt’s award-winning book ‘What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying’, which of course if you have not read, is book worth reading. However, the book we’ll share instead is one Dr. Wyatt used as an example of a book she read that could be shared with people to begin a conversation about death. That book is ‘The Legacy Letters’ written by Carew Papritz.

‘The Legacy Letters’ is a collection of letters written by a dying father to his unborn children and estranged wife. In another Huffington Post article, Dr. Karen Wyatt describes the book like this: “As we read letter after letter we are allowed to see more and more clearly into the heart and soul of this man, whose approaching death is revealing to him, with more and more clarity, the beauty and preciousness of life. When the letters draw to a close we grieve with him over all that will be lost with his death and, at the same time, marvel with him at the sheer radiance of this gift of life:”

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