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From candle lighting times to funeral customs & apps, please see below.
calendar alerts


Know when to light Shabbat and Yahrzeit candles.

Candlelighting Times

Shabbat candlelighting times by zip code or major city.
Yahrzeit Calendar
Create a personalized calendar for your departed loved one.

Yizkor Dates

Yizkor means "remembrance" in Hebrew. Yizkor occurs four times a year.
custom & etiquette


Helpful articles to learn more about what is appropriate.

When a Family Member or Friend Dies

Learn what actions to take when a loved one passes away.
Jewish Funeral Customs
Learn about the differences between the customs of different sects of Judaism.
Funeral Etiquette
The various stages of etiquette from the funeral to shiva.

    A a service to the community, we are proud to provide the “Graceful Exits Packet”, an invaluable collection of documents that can be downloaded, printed and given to your next of kin.

    This packet is based on the Be Prepared Kit developed by the Westchester End-of-Life Coalition. If you would like a boxed and printed copy of the kit, please click here
    • Important Contacts

      Store the names, roles and contact information on the primary and important people in your life.
    • Health Care Proxy

      This Health Care Proxy is an instrument (or document) that allows a patient to appoint an agent to make health care decisions, in the event they are not aboe to make it for themselves.
    • Final Arrangements

      Who should be contacted? What type of service do you want? What do you want for your final disposition? These and other questons regarding your final arrangements can be answered in this form.
    • Ethical Will

      Use this form to pass ethical values to your next of kin.
    • Where to Find Important Documents

      Many of the documents referenced are necessary for applying for benefits and important to those assiting with your affairs. Using this form, you can specify where you store these vital documents.
    • Financials, Property, Insurance, Etc.

      This form deals with affairs regarding your estate, Who should be contacted and what are their roles? Who do you bank with and what are the account credentials? What other assets do you have and what are the details of these? Etc.
    • Arrangements for Pets

      State your wishes for your pet(s) care. Where will they go? How should they be cared for”, etc.
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