For Plaza Jewish, the process of grief is not a business proposition, but an emotional, human passage to be treated with dignity and conscience.

Ethan Horwitz *

When my wife passed away, my children and I turned to Plaza who stepped in and took care of all the details. They were calm and sensitive to all of our needs. Plaza was efficient in tending to our needs in a caring way. We are grateful that they took the burden of making arrangements off us at a time when we were vulnerable and needed advice and guidance.

Cantor Rebecca Garfein * Congregation Rodeph Sholom, NYC

When my husband passed away, Plaza was there for me and my family, gently walking me through the very painful process of saying goodbye. Their professionalism and kindness will never be forgotten.

Frank Linde * President, Property Resources Corporation

One of the biggest gifts my Mom ever gave us was having pre-planned her funeral. Plaza's compassionate and professional assistance in executing her wishes allowed our family to feel taken care of at a most stressful time. Amy and I have since created our pre-plan with Plaza - we feel we have done a real mitzvah for our children.

Harold Handler *

We were pleased to use Plaza for the funeral of my father-in-law, Robert Tishman. We still remember the warmth, thoughtful and genuinely caring service that was provided and have been delighted to recommend Plaza by reason of this personal experience.

Lynn Kroll *

Fortunately, my family has turned to Plaza several times for advice, and help with funeral arrangements and the process of obtaining multiple copies of death certificates and other legal requirements. But more importantly, the sensitive and kind manner of the staff was calming when we felt overwhelmed and stunned by the loss of a loved one. It is always an agonizing time but Plaza makes it possible to get through the first few days of grief and mourning.

David Harris CEO of The American Jewish Committee

We couldn’t have been more pleased or grateful for everything Plaza did for us at such a difficult (and vulnerable) time in our lives. You made it easy and comforting for us, when it could have been anything but. Everyone was gracious and accessible, for which we are appreciative

David Solomon

Plaza Jewish Community Chapel could not have been more helpful and efficient when I had to make arrangements for a close friend whose next-of-kin lived in Britain. All of the details were handled quickly and smoothly. Plaza eliminates anxiety from what could have been a nightmare.

Bob Wolf *

My observant family was already burdened by travelling to Florida to care for my beloved mother during her long and painful illness. They were then faced with the impending challenge that it seemed likely that her death would take place on Shabbat.

We will always be grateful to Plaza, who handled all of the arrangements needed to ensure compliance with the Halachic rules governing Shabbat; transporting her body; arranging for the Chevrah Kadisha and Shmirah; and scheduling a funeral service and burial in New York quickly, efficiently and sensitively and in accordance with our beliefs and traditions.

Hildy Sheinbaum Geriatric Nurse Care Manager

As a Geriatric Nurse and care manager, I pride myself in doing the very best for my clients and their families. There is no funeral home I could recommend more than Plaza- the professionalism, kindness, and compassion of the staff is unparalleled.

Howard F. Sharfstein *

Some years ago, I was interviewed by the New York Times for an article they were doing on Plaza. I spoke about the wonderful support and services provided by Plaza in connection with my father’s funeral. I feel the same now, even stronger.

Lindsay Bressman Civic Spirit Director / UJA commitee member

At the age of 25, my dear friend Hannah Engle tragically died, when she was hit and killed by a car one Saturday night. The pain and loss was all-encompassing for our group of friends, and we found ourselves faced with the meticulous Jewish rituals of death, not something we thought we would be encountering in our 20's. The Plaza Jewish Community Chapel was a beacon for us during those terrible first days. The Chapel staff and community were loving and caring on the days between Hannah's death and the funeral, and her service was a beautiful tribute to the full life she managed to live in 2 decades and the gaping hole she left behind. Many of us lived in the Upper West Side during that time, and often walked by the Chapel for years to come with gratitude for the compassionate role that the institution played in an event that would stay with us forever.

* Plaza Jewish board member

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