For Plaza Jewish, the process of grief is not a business proposition, but an emotional, human passage to be treated with dignity and conscience. Hear from families who have come to Plaza Jewish seeking Community Resources, Funeral Pre-Planning, or End-of-Life Support.
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Marc Benson Avatar

When our mother passed away we had only a little bit of time to make arrangements, and from the very first moment we connected with the team at Plaza Jewish, we knew we were in competent and caring hands.

From a financial perspective, everything was extremely easy and transparent. There were no surprises and no attempts to "upsell" us on anything. Signing the contract and paying online were both accomplished within in minutes. There was no need to go anywhere to finalize the transaction.

After that, the team contacted us when our mother was retrieved from the hospital, and let us know when she was safely in her care. They arranged for us to have a very compassionate and interested rabbi who took time to learn about our mother so that the funeral was more than simply prayers and standard quotations.

When we brought her clothing to the chapel the next day, the team. - especially Gregory Katz-Zannitto - answered every question, made every accommodation, explained the things we would not have thought to ask, and were sincere in their condolences. We felt that both our mother and ourselves were well cared for and supported at a difficult time.

On the morning of the funeral everything was exactly as we had been promised - including a video screen that played some pictures that we sent at the very last moment. The chapel was comfortable and serene, and the rabbi did a wonderful job working into his comments the things we told him the day before, and the things he learned through the eulogies that were offered by friends and family.

Our mother wished to be cremated, and that was handled remarkably well, and the cremains were available only a few days after the funeral, enabling us to take them back to California. When we went back to Plaza Jewish to retrieve the cremains, Gregory was again very helpful (ensuring we had the necessary paperwork to bring the cremains on the plane) and compassionate and kind.

All in all, I truly felt that there could not have been a smoother or easier way to get through the difficult days following our mother's passing.

If you are considering using them, I recommend them, including Gregory, without the least hesitation and with the highest regard.

Marc Benson 5/03/2023
Riva Crystal Avatar

I am Christian, but my father was Jewish and rather religious. When he became very ill, I wanted him to have a funeral that respected his faith but did not know exactly what that entailed. Greg put me at complete ease and gently guided me through the process and alleviated a completely stressful situation. Everything was upfront and explained well. Very wonderful place, I recommend it to any Jewish family whether Orthodox or Reform.

Riva Crystal 4/13/2023
Susan Wiener Avatar

I am in the middle of planning for my mother's funeral and trying to set up a PrePlan. Anthony has been invaluable in helping me understand the fairly complicated process and taking over the logistics to make sure me and my family have everything set. He went above and beyond to locate and coordinate with a more cooperative funeral home in the state where she will be buried. His concern for our family is heartfelt. I feel fortunate to be under their care.

Susan Wiener 3/24/2023
Jonathan Gross Avatar

I worked closely with Edward Yarmus and the staff at Plaza when my Mother passed last May. They were incredibly helpful, kind, efficient, and supportive throughout the process and eased a terribly challenging time for my family. Our deepest appreciation.

Jonathan Gross 3/14/2023
GiGi Calamari Avatar

My mom passed unexpectedly in August 2022 and we had a family friend recommend them. They made the whole process a little easier by how they treated my grandmother and I. They were nothing but kind, patient, reassuring, and professional.

GiGi Calamari 2/23/2023
David Levin Avatar

Our family held a memorial service for my father this weekend. Leading up to the service, the team, (we dealt with Eugene), was incredibly helpful, responsive and thoughtful. The facility is nicely set-up, and the staff helped us arrange a livestream, in addition to providing useful direction around engaging a Rabibi, creating programs, sharing a photo slideshow and arranging for catering. We had 150-200 in attendance, and for this many or fewer, I'd highly recommend considering Plaza.

David Levin 1/24/2023

The Plaza Community Chapel was professional, responsive and compassionate in all ways when my mother died. They came to pick her up in her home within an hour, even though she died in the middle of the night. They were respectful and patient and kind. Thank you

Suzanne Barton Avatar

Plaza is simply outstanding in every way possible. From the time I began the preplan with Anthony all the way thru my dear friend's passing Anthony and the staff were there to guide me thru the process, answer any and all questions. They are available 24 hours a day. Very early Christmas morning, my friend passed away. The team that came to retrieve the body was prompt, kind and extremely respectful. There is follow up afterward and the team at Plaza was on it with communication. I cannot say enough good things about working with them.

Suzanne Barton 1/09/2023

From the time we contacted Plaza to the time we returned from the cemetery, Plaza took care of everything we needed. They treated us with care and compassion. They went the extra mile when FedEx failed to deliver the Death Certificates we needed. And they are a non-profit. I recommend Plaza whole heartedly.

Steven Moschell Avatar

My father suddenly passed away on October 8th 2022 and as the family was scrambling and distraught Plaza Jewish Funeral made what was a trying time much more manageable. Many thanks to my funeral coordinator Anthony Caratozzolo and the staff. Very professional and on top of details.
Steve Moschell

Steven Moschell 10/23/2022

Highly professional and attentive to detail

Isaac Pollak Avatar

very beautiful and very powerful- I have an issue with suicide God decides when we come into this world and God decides when we leave.

Isaac Pollak 10/07/2022
Shelley Saposnik Avatar

My mom passed away in June 2022 and I could not have been more pleased with the careful and respectful way Plaza Jewish Community Chapel handled the preparation for my mom's graveside burial and the empathic comfort they gave to me. They understand and anticipate the needs of a mourner and are caring and helpful even after the funeral of a loved one.

Shelley Saposnik 9/22/2022

Our funeral director Anthony was terrific. He was compassionate without over doing it. He showed great flexibility as we needed to make several changes to the plan. He was also able to make a number of useful suggestions and knew to ask the right questions in the right way. The services that Plaza provided definitely made things easier during trying times.


Plaza is a highly organized and professional organization. They lead you through a difficult experience with knowledge and compassion. Every detail was managed so I was free to focus on my family.


When my wife died suddenly, I had no idea who to contact. A cost family friend recommended Plaza and, when I called, they were responsive, helpful and proactive. The empathy of the funeral director with who I spoke, his sensitivity to my needs ad concerns, and his responsiveness were a relief and a great support. They took care of every detail and relieved me of both a burden and stress. They went out of their way to make sure that everything was what my family and I wanted and they always provided a full range of options at every step. The rabbi they introduced me to was fit perfectly with our needs and approach that the funeral service was a moving and comforting event. I was and am extremely grateful to and impressed by Plaza.


My mom passed away in a nursing home at the end of June of this year and everyone connected with the Plaza were more than just courteous and professional. They retrieved my mom's body with respect for the dignity of her death. They cared about what was best for me at the time and provided appropriate comfort and sensitivity in handling all the details associated with funeral and burial issues. Highly recommended.


They were as helpful and supportive as I can imagine. The rabbi they provided was extraordinary. We are very grateful.


Plaza was extremely responsive, attended to every detail of my mother's funeral and I would highly recommend the serivce.

Brooklynn Chandler Avatar

So beautiful place. Great experience!

Brooklynn Chandler 4/07/2022

Plaza if a wonderful organization! They were kind, compassionate, professional and helpful.

anonymous Avatar

Efficient compassionate, and professional. Very satisfied.

anonymous 12/13/2021
anonymous Avatar

Plaza Jewish Community Chapel provided a loving and supportive funeral service for my family to grieve the passing of my husband. All personnel were superb!

anonymous 12/13/2021
anonymous Avatar

Plaza took care of everything. It was such a relief in that time of mourning.

anonymous 11/29/2021
anonymous Avatar

Plaza made the entire experience very easy at a time of grief. They were supportive, understanding, and caring. They made it all work out effortlessly and efficiently. This was the third time I have used them and from the very first phone call they set my mind at ease that everything would be handled properly.

anonymous 11/15/2021
anonymous Avatar

The kindness, competence and consistency of those who worked with us at Plaza was calming during a time that easily could have been overwhelming. They walked us step by step throughe each stage in the process of getting our loved one from the hospital to their facility to the cemetery. They carefully listenedc and repsonsed to our needs, wishes and preferences. As each step was ecided, they guided us to the next step. They offered to help us with post-funeral needs making sure we knew we could call with any questions. Also, I felth they kept the price within an expected and reasonable range. I mishg highliggh recommend Plaza Jewish Community Chapel.

anonymous 11/02/2021
Jack Flunt Avatar

I found everyone at Plaza to be courteous, professional and helpful. They helped to make a difficult time more bearable.

Jack Flunt 10/25/2021
anonymous Avatar

Made difficult time very easy to deal with. Understood. Responsive. Good communication. Efficient.

anonymous 10/18/2021
anonymous Avatar

I was sad and in a bit of a fog. The Plaza staff made everything incredibly easy. They were so king and so responsive and one step ahead of me so I didn't have to think too much. The whole experience of dealing with my father's death really surprised me. I am so grateful to them and always will be.

anonymous 10/14/2021
anonymous Avatar

The Plaza could not have been more helpful & supporting at a time of very sudden need! Thank You.

anonymous 10/13/2021
anonymous Avatar

Our experience with Plaza exceeded our expectations. Everyone we dealt with was compassionate, professional, and attentive. We felt taken care of during a very difficult time. I would recommend Plaza without reservation.

anonymous 10/01/2021
anonymous Avatar

I felt relieved by the efficiency and sensitivity with which Plaza Jewish provided guidance and coordinated arrangements for my father's funeral, giving me time and space to grieve. I highly recommend them.

anonymous 9/16/2021
anonymous Avatar

I was completely satisfied with you services. The friendliness and warmth of your employees convinced me to use you fort my family member's funeral after initially hearing about you on WNYC. Thanks for the best possible experience one can expect from a sad occasion.

anonymous 9/15/2021
anonymous Avatar

My experience with Plaza was top-notch. They are responsive, professional and fair. Just what you need at a difficult time.

anonymous 9/06/2021
glenn herman Avatar

I can not say enough about the highly professional and caring service our family received from Plaza Jewish. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

glenn herman 12/09/2020
Reid Wissner Avatar

EVERY detail was handled exceptionally well. The price was fair , the service was professional . I reccomend without any hesitation.They were truly there to help. Thanks.

Reid Wissner 2/12/2020
Barbara Salmanson Avatar

The staff at every stage was warm, supportive and efficient . Everything happened like clockwork.

Barbara Salmanson 1/29/2020
Barbara Salmanson Avatar

The staff at every stage was warm, supportive and efficient . Everything happened like clockwork.

Barbara Salmanson 1/17/2020
Jack Chorowsky Avatar

I cannot speak more highly of Plaza Jewish Community Chapel. They not only were so on top of everything but their humanity and kindness came through in every interaction we had with them. A funeral home in Florida didn't send to NY the body of my father in law until very late on the night before the funeral and then the plane was delayed 5 hours, arriving at 2:30am in the morning. When I spoke with Plaza at around 10pm, they assured me they would be at the NY airport at whatever time the plane arrived and drive directly to the funeral in NJ if they needed to. At 6am Darren texted me to confirm everything was all set. Darren, our main point person was incredible, but so was everyone else we interacted with.

Jack Chorowsky 12/12/2019
Judith Vangor Avatar

I was fortunate enough to be one of the individuals selected (by lottery) to go with Plaza Jewish Community Chapel to the cemetery in New Jersey (Cedar Park) where my parents are buried. Plaza prepared for this event in advance by asking each of us to provide the deceased name and, if known, grave location. A representative at Plaza then looked up the exact grave location each of us provided and created a map for us and the drivers indicating exactly how to get to each grave. I exchanged several emails with the coordinator, Rachel, who was extremely efficient and prompt in responding. Plaza was incredibly organized and emailed us the day before with a reminder. Plaza started the day with a lovely breakfast at the chapel consisting of bagels, cream cheese, various fruits and coffee. Several individuals spoke to us in a very meaningful, inspiring way. After approximately a half hour of community mingling, we all left in limousines to go to the cemetery. Plaza even provided stones for us and yarmulkas. In each car was a lovely fabric bag for each of us containing water, a granola bar, and various memorials and prayers. Also in each car was a rabbi. The rabbi in my car, Chaim, was extremely patient, sweet, and very knowledgeable. He entertained numerous questions from all of us and we got quite an education on our ride to, and then back from, the cemetery. In my car there were five individuals and we were each taken to the exact grave that we wished to visit. Chaim walked me to the exact grave that I wanted to visit. He asked each of us how much time we would each like at the grave and was extremely accommodating. After picking each of us up from the grave after our visits, we then all congregated for a debriefing of sorts in which Chaim read several prayers and spoke with us. We then went back to Plaza where it all began. Of course, going to a cemetery is not an extremely happy event however I am extremely grateful to Plaza for providing this service to the community. I have gone several times to the cemetery on my own by public transportation and it is a nightmare of a trip, not only getting there but then, once there, actually locating the intended grave. So kudos to Plaza. I think they're terrific for doing this!!

Judith Vangor 9/21/2019

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