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Etiquette & Customs


How is Shiva Observed Mourner’s Kaddish.... READ STORY

The Unveiling of the Monument

Since the book of Genesis in which Jacob erected a tombstone over the grave of his wife Rachel, placing a monument over the grave of the deceased has become a long-standing Jewish tradition. Since Biblical times, this ancient practice has been used and continues to be used to honor those who have died and have […].... READ STORY

Funeral Etiquette

Funerals and the Shiva period (the week following burial) are times that we mark with friends and relatives with the same commitment and closeness that we share at times of celebration. While our intentions are to console or comfort our bereaved friends or relatives, it sometimes is difficult to know the best way to do […].... READ STORY

Jewish Funeral Customs

There is a wide divergence in the practices and beliefs of those who identify themselves as Jews. As a chapel which serves all of the Jewish denominations from the most Orthodox to the most liberal, we are dedicated to the principle that we will not attempt to impose any particular ritual or observance on any […].... READ STORY

When a Family Member or Friend Dies

When someone dies, most people are unsure about what to do next. Yet Jewish custom requires that the deceased be buried as soon as possible, usually within two days of death unless a delay is necessitated by the Sabbath, a religious holiday, the need to transport the body to a distant place of burial or […].... READ STORY