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End of Life Care and Planning

Calvary Hospital Collaborates with Plaza Jewish Community Chapel

Re-Printed from Calvary Hospital News Room. Please click here to view. BRONX, NY, May 2017 – On May 9th, Calvary Hospital participated in a lecture series sponsored by Plaza Jewish Community Chapel on “Basic Things You Should Know about Jewish End of Life Choices, Funeral & Burial: Halachic and Practical Implications for You.” Part One […].... READ STORY

Basic Things You Should Know about Jewish End of Life Choices, Funeral & Burial


Worldwide Need for End of Life Care

As we at Plaza, along with our community partners help advance end of life care  practices, we recognize the enormous global need, on World Health Day, 2017.   Published in 2015  .... READ STORY

What really matters at the end of life


Last Words…


Podcast Featuring Plaza’s Grant: “WHAT MATTERS” Caring Conversations About End of Life

  Click below to  listen to a Podcast  with “What Matters” Program Director Sally Kaplan from the JCC Manhattan, Center for Jewish Living, and Mychal Springer, Director of the Center Center for Pastoral Education at Jewish Theological Seminary. Your browser does not support the audio element. For more news about “What Matters” click here. Podcast […].... READ STORY

Five New Books on Death and Dying

  On our first ‘Words for Wednesday’ segment , we feature five new books on death and dying that are worth a look.   With organizations like Plaza, supporting end of life conversations, the subjects of death and dying and end of life in America are becoming more mainstream. Evidence of this are in five […].... READ STORY

‘End of life’ takes the national stage. See what Plaza is doing to support this conversation

The ‘End of life’ conversation reached a whole new level when Medicare began covering end of life conversations between health professionals and their patients, starting in January of this year (2016).   Now, one month later, in front of a national audience, at a recent town hall meeting, an 81 year old terminally ill man […].... READ STORY

End of life care support from religious leaders

Supporting your congregants, at the appropriate time, with a meaningful conversation about end-of-life care, can be a comfort and a means of support. By working in unison with end of life caregivers, the patient will benefit by having the support of both his physician and his religious leader, when deciding on end of life care. […].... READ STORY

End of life care support from physicians….

A doctor’s relationship with their patients often lasts many years, even decades. So, there is good reason for your role as physician to continue when the patient enrolls in an end-of-life care program. Your continued involvement when a patient enrolls in hospice, can be a huge sense of comfort, and strength. Read more here:  .... READ STORY


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