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Celebrating Two Birthdays This Week!

   We wish a very happy birthday to Jimmy and Vincent, our nighttime manager and building supervisor, respectively. Thank you both for your dedication to Plaza, your colleagues, and the families we serve. You guys are awesome!.... READ STORY

COCO and learning about death

Watch this insightful video on death, in Pixar’s award winning movie: COCO.... READ STORY

“One week and a day,” movie trailer….


Watch trailer for upcoming “ReelAbilities Film Festival” Presented by the JCC Manhattan

Click link below to learn more… READ STORY

“Plaza’s Mission of Inclusion”

Plaza is one of many Jewish organizations worldwide who participate in Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month to help raise awareness and facilitate inclusion of people with disabilities. In honoring and forwarding our mission to ensure that every member of the Jewish Community receives a dignified and respectful Jewish funeral, Plaza continues its commitment to […].... READ STORY

When the Phone Rings… FAQs for Funeral Homes

When someone calls a funeral home for information, families are often already in the midst of a crisis. Below are some of the frequently asked questions when the phone rings at a funeral chapel.   Do my funeral chapel charges include the grave opening? The charge for grave openings can range from $800-$3000, with fees varying by cemetery. […].... READ STORY

Presidents day, Movie Monday, and Grief in the White House.

Throughout history we’ve always looked to our Presidents in times of a national tragedy, to help us mourn those lost. But loss has also come from within the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In commemoration of President’s day and on this Movie Monday, we feature three films that bring to light the grief that some […].... READ STORY

The Challenger and the Public Grieving Process

The Challenger, 9/11, & Paris Attacks all have something in common…. As we remember the Challenger disaster on January 28th, 1986, and those that lost their lives 30 years ago today, other tragedies that had a global impact also come to mind, where the world grieved together.  Like during 9/11, and fast forward to the […].... READ STORY

Understanding the Impact of Spousal Loss

By Ashley Lynn This blog is in recognition of Bereaved Spouse Awareness Month. The loss of a spouse is traumatic for any surviving partner and the impact of any form of loss is different for each person. After all, every relationship is unique and as such, no two individuals can be expected to grieve the […].... READ STORY


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