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When a Family Member or Friend Dies

When someone dies, most people are unsure about what to do next. Yet Jewish custom requires that the deceased be buried as soon as possible, usually within two days of death unless a delay is necessitated by the Sabbath, a religious holiday, the need to transport the body to a distant place of burial or the needs of close family members to travel to the place of internment. This is a very short time in which to make all of the necessary arrangements.

At The Moment of Death


When someone dies in a hospital or hospice, the institution will arrange for a visit by a physician to formally establish a cause of death and complete necessary forms for the issuance of a death certificate. If someone dies at home, you must call your physician so that an official cause of death is established and a death certificate is signed. If the deceased was not under the care of a physician you should call 911. In some situations, the police may authorize removal of the body to the or County Medical Examiner for further inquiry as to the cause of death.

Transporting the Remains


The funeral chapel will take responsibility for moving the deceased from the place of death to the funeral chapel. Therefore, you should contact a funeral chapel as soon as possible after death occurs to arrange for the transfer. If the death occurred in the local area, representatives of PLAZA will transport the body directly from the place of death or the Medical Examiner’s office to the funeral chapel as soon as the death certificate has been signed. The funeral directors at PLAZA also have extensive experience in arranging to move remains from distant locations in the United States or around the world.

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