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Decide What to Cherish in Your Short Life – By Bridget Pearson

Let’s face it – We aren’t going to live forever. Our time here is fleeting, but our happiness doesn’t have to be. Every once in a while we all need to step back and get our priorities in check. What are the things that are truly important in life? While the answer may be slightly different for everyone, true happiness hinges on one simple thing: Fulfillment. So, what fulfills you?

Family and Friends:

There is nothing more fulfilling than good times with good people. Humans innately crave interaction with others, and acceptance from those around them. A solitary life is a lonely life. Love is one of the most powerful experiences, and is essential for a healthy life. Having at least one close relationship is a crucial aspect to a life well lived. Spending time with your relatives and friends fills you with a sense of purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing joy to others.


For some, great pride is derived from knowing that they have provided for themselves and their family. Work gives a sense of purpose for many, but there are pitfalls. Working too much is detrimental to your health, and to your relationships. The stress caused by overworking can literally kill you, causing heart strain and overall tension. Also, spending all your time at work detracts from your time doing the things that you enjoy.
If your only reason for having a job is money, you should reassess. A constant desire for money is one of the worst traps to fall into. Yes, working can help you to pay the bills, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason for getting up in the morning. Your work should give you a sense of accomplishment, and bring you joy. Also, the words “work” and “money” do not necessarily fall hand in hand. Your work can be charitable, or meditative. Working in a garden can bring you joy and appreciation for life, without earning you a cent.

Ultimately, if your job brings you nothing but grief, you should reconsider your path. Maybe a simpler, less chaotic life is just what you need to help you to get the most out of life.


Many people find peace in the belief in a higher power. Spirituality is an essential part of a well-rounded life. No matter your affiliation, religion gives you a sense of community, as well as answering many of life’s most difficult questions. Almost more important than answering questions, a healthy religious attitude requires you to ask questions. Asking questions keeps both your mind and will resilient, as well as strengthening your faith.

What is Your Life All About?

Spending time family, working on something you enjoy, and getting in touch with your spiritual side are all things that will bring your life fulfillment. Find what is important to you, what gives your life meaning, and cut back on what causes you unhappiness. Ask yourself: What is it that brings you the most joy?


For more on this topic click here to read Rabbi David Wolpe’s article titled: ‘Let Your Reach Exceed Your Grasp’. Rabbi David Wolpe was also a Keynote speaker at Plaza Jewish Community Chapel’s Conference Titled “The Final Chapter. End of life Decisions: How Families Navigate Life’s Toughest Choices. Click here to hear the Keynote address.

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