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‘Eternal Valentine’

While in the strictest sense Tu B’Av is Judaism’s version of the holiday to express love, Feb. 14 is also a day that many of us celebrate love. It is also a day that many grieve the death of their Valentine.
One way to turn this day around, says is to use it to commemorate your love for one another. “The bonds of love are never severed by death, and the love we shared will never die either. For Valentine’s Day this year, we can find a way to honor our loved ones, to remember them and to show them that our love is eternal.”
And so it was love eternal for Shelly Golay, who was left a widow after her husband died of brain cancer in July of 2014. When Valentine’s Day arrived in 2015, the doorbell rang. To Shelly’s astonishment, it was flowers from Jim! She then learned to her amazement that Jim had arranged for her to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day until she died. “He’s such an amazing man and he just can love beyond boundaries. There is no boundaries with him, even in death. He’s just amazing,” Shelly said. “Until the day I die, I’ll get Valentine’s flowers on Valentine’s Day and that’s just a testament of his love all over again.”
From an article on 20 inspiring Jewish Valentine’s Day quotes, comes the Jewish Proverb: “Only love gives us the taste of eternity.” It did for Shelly Golay, and it can for any of us. For more on coping with grief on Valentine’s Day, click here to read article.
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