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Inside Plaza and the Artwork of Tobi Kahn

In this, the first in a series of ‘Inside Plaza’ posts, we look inside the walls of our 1st floor chapel and inside the man whose art graces those walls with Jewish ceremonial art.

This chapel, the smaller of our two chapels, mixes state of the art technology (from its sound system, to its webcasting capabilities, to its facilities for the impaired), with Jewish ritualistic art by renowned artist, Tobi Kahn. In a quote in the Orlando Weekly, Tobi says “Because enhancing a mitzvah by performing it with an especially beautiful object is considered a praiseworthy way of honoring God’s commandments, Judaism has a long tradition of commissioning ritual objects from craftsmen and artists”. And so Plaza has carried on this tradition in this chapel, by allowing those present to look at beautiful art as they honor the passing of a family member or friend.
Like Plaza, Tobi Kahn also supports end of life projects. “Why shouldn’t the end of your life be beautiful?” Mr. Kahn, 58, recalled recently in an interview at his studio in Long Island City. “People say your wedding should be beautiful, your birth should be beautiful. Why not your death? You can’t go trekking in the Himalayas, you can’t eat a gourmet meal. But you can look at beautiful art.”
For a more inside look at Tobi Kahn, and a look at both of Plaza’s state of the art chapels, Click on the links below.
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to see our Chapels.
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