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Florida Trip

Many of you know I had a successful trip to Florida for 3 days in early February. While there I met with 14 social workers from Hospice by The Sea who along with their teams oversee over 2000 patients in hospice. I visited their facility which only has 30 beds but it’s their “reach” which […].... READ STORY

Funeral Preplanning and your Privacy

Death is a delicate matter on its own, and when combined with the prevalence of social media in today’s world, privacy is often a pressing concern. Most recently, Facebook has remedied common privacy concerns by creating a “legacy contact” feature that allows individuals to pass account management features over to a loved one upon passing. […].... READ STORY

Complicated Grief

Grief is as natural as it is individual, particularly in times of loss. And whether individuals experience their grief as sadness, lost sleep, memories, depression, or anger, it is bereavement all the same. In a recent New York Times article written by Jane E. Brody, a keynote speaker at a Plaza Jewish Community Chapel Conference, […].... READ STORY

Inspired by a recent Samsung Video

Here at Plaza Jewish, where our mission is to serve the entire community, we recently began offering our print material in braille, as well as installing state of the art assistive listening devices. So when we saw this video it was inspiring to see how special it was for someone to experience a ‘community’ of […].... READ STORY

Decide What to Cherish in Your Short Life – By Bridget Pearson

Let’s face it – We aren’t going to live forever. Our time here is fleeting, but our happiness doesn’t have to be. Every once in a while we all need to step back and get our priorities in check. What are the things that are truly important in life? While the answer may be slightly […].... READ STORY

Plaza assists those with hearing and sight problems

In keeping with our mission to serve the entire Jewish Community, Plaza Jewish is pleased to offer Kaddish cards, a “Prayers and Meditations” booklet, prices lists as well as Plaza brochures in braille. Working with the Jewish Braille Institute ( has been an honor and we look forward to partnering with more organizations that provide […].... READ STORY


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